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Employees - one of the key advantages of our company, and basis for its sustainable development. We are interested in the development of human capacity and attracting highly qualified personnel. We value and respect their employees.


Our personnel policy is based on the following principles:


- Compliance with applicable labor laws and human rights;


- Providing competitive reward employees based on their professionalism, job complexity and responsibility;


- Investment in education and training of employees in order to help them realize their potential and make a worthy contribution to the business success of the Company;


- Social support workers.


The company is interested in talented, enterprising and highly qualified specialists. Therefore, we pay great attention to the process of personnel based on the current model of competence - a set of key skills necessary for employees to successfully achieve the strategic goals of the Company. Competencies staff structured in three main blocks. Corporate define competence requirements for all employees of the Company, to determine the potential professional career, as well as describing the personal guidance and motivation of staff. Managerial competence describing the managerial skills needed for a successful manager of the Company, determine the readiness of staff to perform managerial tasks. Functional competencies describe the specific skills needed to successfully perform duties.


For the formation and development of the whole range of competencies of employees we make contributions to human potential and further its growth, which introduced a large-scale educational program for skilled workers.


   In this section, applicants can get acquainted with the working conditions in our company, learn about the educational programs of the Company and to read the relevant vacancies.


Working with high-degree schools


DAK-Electroprom program implements a multi-vector cooperation with profiled and Ukrainian universities, among them.


The main objective of cooperation - to strengthen the knowledge base accumulated in the walls of schools, knowledge of modern technologies used in leading Ukrainian and international companies. For this company, together with universities, selects talented students, in addition to the mandatory training program can pass industrial and pre-diploma practice in our company.


Principles for remuneration


We attach great importance to material incentives for staff as a factor strengthening internal motivation and interest in increasing efficiency. This approach enables the company to provide a favorable environment within the team workers and attract highly skilled labor market.


   In matters of remuneration we strive to follow the principle of maximum transparency and objectivity. So today the company is actively working on the introduction of the method of remuneration for the Hay Group, which minimizes subjectivity in pay and forms our employees a clear understanding of the level of payment depends on efficiency.


In addition to salaries, financial remuneration of employees of the Company includes a set of social protection and guarantees, which are an important factor for comfortable work.

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