We cover the vast majority of services that currently require industry

Repair of electric machines


- synchronous and asynchronous generators and motors of

different voltage classes and performances

- rewinding on a different voltage / frequency of rotation

- manufacturing / restore worn surfaces

- manufacturing and replacement of major structural elements

- rewinding the stators and rotors, replacement of circuit-windings

- diagnostics

- installation

- service

- testing and commissioning

- warranty and post-warranty service

Repair of transformers


- high and low voltage

- power and auxiliary control

- dry and oil

- reactors and welding

- refueling and drying transformer oil

- manufacturing / replacement / repair of all parts

Repair of crane equipment


- crane motors and generators

- control cabinets

- mechanical equipment lifting devices

Repair of pumps


- depth

- industrial

- domestic

- different capacity and performance

Repair of DC


- with collectors

- without collectors

- generators and motors

- electromechanical transducers of voltage, frequency and type of current

- replacement / manufacturing of windings

- anchors and inductors

Overhaul of electrical equipment of traction rolling stock, motor-wagon rolling stock of railways, subways, railroad transport, urban electrified transport


- traction motors and generators

- auxiliary electric machines

- reactors, coils, transformers

- compressors and fans

- locomotive signal systems

Repair actuators


- drives of machines and machine tools of domestic and foreign production

- power circuit and control range

- repairs compressors and other equipment

Services Electrotechnical Laboratory


- all types of measurements (loop "phase-zero", current spreading etc.)

- diagnostics damage

- audit

- field visit

- counseling

- documentary support

Complete Overhaul reconditioning of military armored vehicles






Full range of machining operations


- manufacture of parts and their machining CNC metal stalls

- vibration, vibration spectrum analysis and balancing

- overhaul and replacement of bearings

- sandblast processing details

- non-destructive testing

- ultrasonic control

- control of bearings

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